How to lose weight slow!

How to diet and lose weight easy, smart, slow and permanently This diet works perfectly whether you are 20, 30, 40, or 50 years of age. Ziggy knows, because it worked for himself when he was that age. And it still does permanently!

This diet is very cheap!

This diet is balanced and nutritional: All a body needs is in there.
This diet is healthy and varied. No supplements required!

This diet does not require any investments, other than a little time to read the pages! You only have to buy your own food and the diet might even be costing you less, than it does now!

This diet is easy to follow!

You can keep to this diet for a long time! No starvation needed! The smart thing is that this diet rewards you with tasty food. You can eat everything you like, but (of course) not all the time!

Lose weight permanently!

This is a slow diet, so you will not lose weight fast.
But the weight you lose, will stay away permanently: No fallbacks!!

This diet has auto-stop!

Turn this diet into a lifestyle and you will stop losing weight automatically when you reach your natural body-weight! That is smart! It's permanently! And it's easy too!

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In het prive gedeelte geeft Ziggy tips, waarvan hij denkt dat ze waardevol kunnen zijn.

Easy & Smart Diet
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Het 'easy & smart diet' is helaas in het Engels, maar op aanvraag is de ook de Nederlandse versie beschikbaar.

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